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Radda in Chianti, Tuscany


Montevertine is situated in the very heart of Chianti area.
Sergio Manetti buy Montevertine in 1967, as a summer house for his family. An extraordinary result come from the 2 hectares of vineyards that he plant in order to have wine for his family. The year was 1971. Sergio quickly understand his estate’s potential and became a full-time winemaker.

Sergio choose Sangiovese area for his grape vine cultivation and winemaking. In 1981 he delete his registration to Consorzio del Chianti Classico because he recuse to blend his wine with Trebbiano (as the Consorzio required); the consequence is that he give up the possibility to call his wine “Chianti”. At the beginning his wines has been called “Rosso di Toscana” and then “Toscana IGT”, this explain why Sergio’s wine are often included in “Supertuscan” category, but the true is that Monvertine is a rare exemple of Chianti Classico.

Montevertine estate is now managed by Martino Manetti (Sergio’s son) and Paolo Salvi that was a Giulio Gambelli learner.

The elevation is approximately 425 m above sea level; the propriety is surrounded by 18 hectares of vineyards of Montevertine: nearly 90% of them consist of Sangiovese variety, and a little portion (about 10%) consist in Colorino and Canaiolo. The cherished wine Pergole Torte born from Sergio’s older vineyard (the year was 1968). Selected grapes are handly harvested, and concrete wine tanks are used for fermentation for more than 25 days; here take place the Malolactic fermentation, after that the wine is poured in Slavonian barrels. At the end Pergole Torte wine stay for 6 months in small barrels (oak barrels, Alliers type).

For every pouring Sergio emply gravity. Filtration is not used, the wine is bottled and he’s not sold before 6 months.

Wine Vint. Type WA WS Avail Unit Price/Unit
Wine Toscana Igt Le Pergole Torte Vint. 1997 Type Red WA - WS 93 Avail 3 Unit 1.5lt Price/Unit € 475.41 BUY INFO
Wine Toscana Igt Le Pergole Torte Vint. 2013 Type Red WA 98 WS - Avail 1 Unit 6lt Price/Unit € 1229.51 BUY INFO
Wine Toscana Igt Vint. 2013 Type Red WA 95 WS - Avail 1 Unit 3lt Price/Unit € 172.13 BUY INFO
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