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Barbaresco, Piedmont

Tenute Cisa Asinari dei Marchesi di Gresy

As well as being well-known as one of the best vineyards of Langhe, Martinenga is the only Cru Monopole of the Barbaresco district. The whole Cru is, indeed, owned by the renowned Marchesi di Gresy estate.
Alberto di Gresy is the Marchesi di Gresy noble family’s descendant. He grew up with the passion for wine, having spent most of the holiday time and weekends during his youth at Villa Giulia. Villa Giulia is the 19th century family hunting retreat on the top of Monte Aribaldo, a hill located at a short distance from Martinenga estate. This last one was acquired by the Gresys in 1797, whereas Monte Aribaldo has been part of the family holdings since 1635.
Grapes had been sold to other wineries for almost two centuries until Alberto decided that the time had come to bottle their production in 1973.
The goal has been clear since the beginning: winemaking with the ultimate technology, in compliance with tradition, bringing to the bottle every plot trait. This is still at the heart of Marchesy di Gresy philosophy, as well highlighted by Jeff Chilcott, arrived to Italy from New Zealand in 1990 seeking his fortune, now in charge of winemaking.

The company is now made up of four estates, set within Langhe and Monferrato.
The most prestigious and magnificent is beyond doubt Martinenga, in Barbaresco, made up of 12 beautifully south-facing hectars, where there are the Crus Martinenga (7 ha), Gaiun and Camp Gros (2.5 ha each).
The Barbaresco Martinenga is the estate’s flagship wine, standing for the Gresy’s quality and philosophy and always set on an excellent qualitative standard. The Camp Gros and the Gaiun are made only in best vintages. The Gaiun is the most modern in the lineup, seeing only small barrels, whereas the Camp Gros and the Martinenga matures in both big Slavonian casks and barriques.
The Monte Aribaldo estate is in Treiso, still in the Barbaresco appellation district. Here there are 10 hectars planted to Dolcetto, Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The La Serra and Monte Colombo estates are in the Monferrato region, where Barbera, Merlot and Moscato are grown.

Wine Vint. Type WA WS Avail Unit Price/Unit
Wine Barbaresco Docg Gaiun Martinenga Vint. 1982 Type Red WA - WS 87 Avail 3 Unit 0.75lt Price/Unit € 147.54 BUY INFO
Wine Barbaresco Docg Martinenga Vint. 2010 Type Red WA 95 WS - Avail 2 Unit owc 1.5ltx1 Price/Unit € 105.74 BUY INFO
Wine Barbaresco Docg Gaiun Vint. 2012 Type Red WA 92 WS 90 Avail 1 Unit 0.75lt Price/Unit € 59.84 BUY INFO
Wine Barbaresco Docg Martinenga Vint. 2013 Type Red WA 91 WS - Avail 1 Unit 1.5lt Price/Unit € 97.54 BUY INFO
Wine Langhe Doc Sauvignon Vint. 2015 Type White WA 90 WS - Avail 1 Unit 0.75lt Price/Unit € 14.34 BUY INFO
Wine Langhe Doc Sauvignon Vint. 2016 Type White WA - WS - Avail 24 Unit 0.75lt Price/Unit € 14.34 BUY INFO
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