by Paolo Repetto / 26 August 2016

Fine Wines still among the most profitable investments

A report released a few days ago by Lloyd's Private Banking focuses on the so-called 'investment of passion', in other words all the investments which combine profitability and passion. People have invested for a long time now in jewels, works of art, watches, vintage cars, racehorses and fine wine.

The most favourite assets are jewels, while the average highest expense is made on cars, placing itself at over 40k euros. In this chart, wine holds the 7th  position, behind coins, works of art and stamps, with an average investment of 23k euros. The report points out the motivation that induces many investors to choose which goods to buy, finding out 68% of car buyers who put emotion as the major reason for buying, whereas only a little 5% declares to do it for mere financial reasons. The other goods whose purchase is mainly driven by personal passion are works of art, antiques, whisky and fine wine.

Markus Stadlmann, Lloyd's Private Banking Chief Information Officer, states: "While investing, profitability and passionate motivation should not exclude each other; the right approach will make your passion pay out".
"Tangible goods, such as a painting or a watch, keep their value without being subject to inflation. In the longer term, this kind of assets are not stringently linked with the traditional stock and bond markets, offering thus a good way to diversify your investments. Investing in something you like is an excellent way to make your portfolio really tailored to you".


Paolo Repetto

Founder of Vinifera, since 2005 he works in the international business of fine wines.
In 2017 he founded Italian Wine Asset, the first Italian specialised entity for consulting on buying and selling Vineyards and Wineries.


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