by Vinifera / 15 May 2018

Emirates invest in fine wines

Gulf airline Emirates has announced the latest fine wines that will be served to its first class passengers on select routes this year, including 2004 Cheval Blanc and 1998 Margaux, as well as revealing it invested US$56 million on fine wine last year.

The carrier has said four blue chip clarets will be poured on various international routes this year (for limited periods): 2004 Cheval Blanc and Haut-Brion; 2001 Mouton Rothschild and 1998 Margaux, in addition to its portfolio of 80 wines and Champagnes that it has on rotation for all of its passengers.

Alongside the wines, Emirates said it has created dishes to pair with each wine, trained its staff and revamped its glassware too.

This year’s vintage collection was launched last week when Cheval Blanc’s commercial director, Arnaud de Laforcade, gave first class passengers a surprise masterclass on the 2004 and 2006 vintages at 40,000 feet on a flight to Paris.

Last year the airline spent US$56 million on fine wine and since 2006 has invested a total of $780m.

For those lucky enough to travel first class on Emirates this year: 

- The 2004 Cheval Blanc is being served on flights to the UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands and Geneva.

- The 2004 Haut-Brion on flights to Australasia and certain Asian routes from June.

- The 2001 Mouton Rothschild on flights to the Americas and UK from October.

- The 1998 Margaux on flights to Germany and Austria from June and then to France, the Netherlands and Geneva from November. 

Not bad!



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