Barolo, Piedmont

Giuseppe Rinaldi

If you try to call the winery Giuseppe Rinaldi it’s very likely Giuseppe himself will pick up the phone, since he doesn’t really like to spend too much time far from Barolo and his beloved vineyards. If you’re trying to book a visit it’s also very likely that he will brusquely ask what’s the reason of your visit. Not because he isn’t hospitable, but because he hopes you are not the umpteenth enthusiast or merchant trying to buy some bottles of his legendary Barolo whose demand far outweighs the supply.

The winemaking story of Rinaldi starts in 1870 when the Falletti holdings manager bought the property. The current winery was founded in 1890 by the namesake grandfather of Giuseppe Rinaldi. His son, Battista, a really appreciated mayor of Barolo (1970-1975), improved enormously the quality of the winery management and consequently the quality of wines, making the name of Rinaldi synonymous of high quality. The current owner, Giuseppe, aka “Beppe” or “Citrico”, after leaving his job as a veterinary, took the reins of the company in 1992, after his father’s death.  

The estate consists of about 6 hectars, planted with Nebbiolo (in some of the most famous Crus of Barolo: Cannubi, Brunate, Le Coste, e Ravera), Barbera, Dolcetto and even two special varieties: Ruchè and Freisa. 

Beppe’s cellar is almost entirely filled with Slavonian oak casks. He also still have a 60 years old barrel that he uses for the fermentation of his Barolo. He doesn’t add any kind of selected yeast, since the tank that he uses already contains indigenous yeasts developed with all the previous fermentations. The maceration is very long and temperature is not controlled.

Like any good traditionalist Barolo producer, he doesn’t remove the grapes from the stalks, nor does any filtration of the wine. There isn’t a specific “vinification recipe” for Rinaldi. He rather follow a method based on his instinct, experience and knowledge in order to produce a wine that is the purest possible.

“How the previous generations obtained a natural balance and harmony in Barolo, and, for me, it is still the perfect method”.  

“Austere, severe, that demands research. It takes time. You have to study, to think, to understand, like all of art. It isn’t simple but complex; it doesn’t please right away. It’s the opposite of a mass-produced product. It has angles, not curves. It’s not easy. A good Barolo…is adapted to long aging”.

Wines Giuseppe Rinaldi

Wine Region Vintage Unit Price/unit
Wine Barolo Docg Cannubi San Lorenzo Ravera Region Piedmont Vintage 2006 Unit 0.75lt Price/unit 370.00€
Tipe Red WA - WS - Avail 1 INFO BUY
Wine Barolo Docg Brunate Region Piedmont Vintage 2011 Unit 0.75lt Price/unit 270.00€
Tipe Red WA - WS - Avail 1 INFO BUY
Wine Barolo Docg Tre Tine Region Piedmont Vintage 2011 Unit 0.75lt Price/unit 250.00€
Tipe Red WA - WS - Avail 1 INFO BUY
Wine Barolo Docg Tre tine Region Piedmont Vintage 2014 Unit 0.75lt Price/unit 270.00€
Tipe Red WA - WS - Avail 3 INFO BUY
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