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Provenance and Storage

Buying fine wine without any guarantee about the provenance and right storage conditions is just a waste of money. In fact, our policy is to only offer our customers wine with traceable provenance and perfect storage conditions, in order to preserve its quality and integrity. We are always willing to pay our suppliers adequately in exchange for the guarantee that all the wines we buy will satisfy our customers. Looking for great wines at an affordable price can be tempting, sometimes the market offers good deals, but we do not recommend basing your search on the lowest price.

Buying impressive and properly stored wine collections as well as keeping the bottles in top condition has a significant cost. It is the cost of absolute quality and we are confident that true wine lovers can appreciate this.

As with French wines, many Italian wines are subject to counterfeiting. If you have any doubts regarding a bottle in your possession, please do not hesitate to seek our advice.

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