Champagne Aoc Grande Cuvee (single box)

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Type Sparkling Vintage Region Champagne Producer Krug Wine Advocate 91 Wine Spectator 97 Available: 6

The NV Brut Grande Cuvée emerges from the glass with freshly cut flowers, almonds, pastry and spices. This is a relatively floral, bright Grande Cuvee with fewer of the oxidative qualities that are typical of the house style. According to Krug's ID Code, this bottle is based on the 2004 vintage, which explains the wine's tense, taut personality. Another year or two on the cork will only help the wine gain expressiveness and depth. Today, the Grande Cuvee is quite reticent and not showing the full breadth of its personality. - Wine Advocate 


Since 1843 the Maison Krug lives according to the same timeless philosophy: to create only Cuvée de Prestige.
At the base of the Krug's dream was the intention to create only prestigious Champagne, year after year: a trait that makes Maison Krug unique today.

As he wrote in his booklet, intended to teach his art to his son, Joseph Krug firmly believed that, in order to obtain a champagne of the highest quality, it would be necessary to use excelent wines produced starting from grapes of the best vineyards and vinified separately.
In this way Joseph begins to create a reserve of wines created with grapes from single vineyards and with a defined chatacter. 
Determined to give life to the most generous expression of Champagne, he decided to exploit the wide repertoire of wines of the reserve to create the Cuvée de Prestige.
Joseph's goal is to create a prestigious Champagne, rich in nuances and unsurpassable generosity, regardless of time and harvest.
Thus was born the Maison Krug and the legendary Krug Grande Cuvée, the first prestigious Cuvée to be recreated year after year, beyond the notion of vintage.

In 1999, in anticipation of his retirement from work, the idealist Henry Krug hires a Chef de Caves, a role admirably supported today by Eric Lebel, who works in close collaboration with the Tasting Committee, formed by Julie Cavil, director of the oenological department, Olivier Krug, director of Krug, Laurent Halbin, responsible for winemaking and development, and Jerôme Jacoillot, winemaker and quality manager. Also Margareth Henriquez, CEO of Krug, and Rémi Krug are permanent guests of this committee of essays.

Eric Lebel and the Tasting Committee taste give the vote to wines of the vintage, obtained from about 250 plots, as well as 150 wines from previous years.

The Committee votes and comments about 400 wines, two or three times during the year. Over 5,000 tasting notes have been meticulously transcribed in the great black "tasting book". Between the end of April and the beginning of May, in the middle of the creation's time, Eric Lebel composes the champagne of the year, guided by his intuition and talent.

Krug Grande Cuvée, an assembly of wines of over ten different years, some of which have aged 15 years, matures in the cellars for at least seven years and Krug Rosé for at least five.
The meeting of so many years gives Krug Grande Cuvée its exclusive richness of aromas, an incredible generosity and absolute elegance, impossible to express with wines of a vintage height.

Krug Vintage and Krug's exclusive crus Clos du Mesnil and Krug Clos d'Ambonnay spend at least ten years in the cellars.

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