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Rum Grenada sixteen year old

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 Rum Grenada sixteen year old


All the rums of this selection come from original barrels, aged in Scotland, selected by us and bottled individually in the same place, because Scotland is the region of the world where the alcohol maturation turns out to be the best and the most regular compared to all other countries.
The color is determined by the duration of aging in oak barrels, but also by the product contained in the cask in its previous use.
If, for example, the cask has contained sherry for a certain period, the rum will absorb the tannins and will have a darker color than if the cask had previously contained another distillate.The experience and ability of Scots in the art of whiskey aging is decisive in the exaltation of the characteristics of a great rum.

Rum is produced by distilling an infusion of fermented sugar, coming from sugar cane, and water. If pure cane juice is used as sugar, an agricultural rum is obtained, of a decidedly superior quality, normally distilled with a discontinuous alembic, as with the best cognac and scotch whiskey. If, on the other hand, the molasses, which is the residue of the extraction of sugar from the cane juice, is used for the infusion, an industrial rum is obtained, for which a column distiller is normally used.

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