Provenance and Storage

The exceptional provenance of wine is in our DNA.

All our wines are sourced directly from the producer, from serious private collectors or qualified merchants, in perfect bottle storage conditions.
Vinifera's policy is to offer only wines whose origin is known, and which have always been kept in pristine conditions to preserve their absolute integrity and quality.
Poor storage conditions of the wine, besides jeopardizing the quality of the wine itself, may affect its value.

The most demanding customers are looking for perfect bottles, possibly still in their original case. With the increasing number of fraud in the wine industry, there are more and more counterfeited bottles on the market, thus the provenance of a case of wine is of particular importance.

A certified provenance offers a certain guarantee on the conditions of the wine on sale.
However, if you choose to store the wine in your cellar, you will need to pay close attention to the following factors.

Fill level / Ullage

If the wine is stored at the wrong temperature, some part of it may start to evaporate causing changes in the filling level. While buyers understand that for very old vintages the filling level may be lower, if this happens for more recent vintages it is a serious issue.

Cork conditions

If there are poor storage conditions, the cork is likely to deteriorate. This degradation is caused by the swelling and shrinking of the cork according to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. A damaged cork will allow air to enter the bottle and oxidize the wine. It can also cause the wine to leak (seepage), not to mention the fact that a damaged cork is more difficult to remove.

Label and capsule conditions

If the bottles are not stored in their original case, labels and capsules are at risk of damage. Classic concrete bottle racks (or similar materials) are likely to damage the capsule and the label of the bottle.
Collectors are looking for wines with clear and flawless labels. Ensuring that the humidity in the cellar is adequate will prevent labels from coming off or breaking. Keeping the wine out of the light will also prevent the labels from fading.