Exceptional guarantee about the provenance of the wine is in our DNA.
After all, what’s the point of buying fine wine without any guarantee about the provenance and right storage conditions?

Vinifera works directly with best Italian producers, and can offer a wide selection of vintages, as well as exclusive access to private reserves and old vintages directly from wineries.

We are proud of the direct relationship we have with many producers, this allows us to offer our customers unpublished selections that are hard to find on the market.

We occasionally buy important wines from private collectors.

We do this only when we are 100% sure of the origin of the wines and the storage conditions in which they were stored. This gives us unique access to older and rare wines, in perfect condition.

Vinifera's policy is to offer its customers only wines whose exact origin is known, and which have always been kept in ideal conditions to preserve their absolute integrity and quality.

The extensive contacts and agreements of Vinifera with Italian and foreign producers allow us to find many wines that at the moment you might not find on your own, allowing us to satisfy any request.

We can work with you to build the cellar of your dreams.