En primeur

The term En Primeur is a recap of : buy wine when it’s still aging, so, it means months or years before being released on the market.

This is a sales system typical of the Bordeaux area, where several players are involved in the distribution: producers, courtiers and négociants.

About 6 months after the harvest, the wines, still in the tank or in the barrel, are offered to merchants and distributors around the world. Players can reserve the desired quantity - limited in the case of the most sought-after wines - which can be withdrawn after about 2 years.

This system allows buyers to guarantee the availability of the most sought-after wines in time, at a more competitive price compared to the price at which the wines will be released at the time of their actual marketing in the bottle.

Every year we offer our customers the opportunity to buy the great Bordeaux wines, as well as some important Italian wines, offered in advance, a few months before their official marketing.