Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions applying to all sales and are the basis of which all orders to VINIFERA DI PAOLO REPETTO are accepted. They will apply to all sales unless varied in writing by VINIFERA DI PAOLO REPETTO to all future transactions.

1. Prices

Unless otherwise stated, all our prices are:
Offered in Euro.
Per case or per bottle as indicated (Unit)
Exclusive of V.A.T. and duty
Exclusive of delivery charges
Exclusive of costs for export docs (please note that if you are a private customer you won’t need this kind of document, this caption is dedicated only to merchants)
Provisional and subject to our confirmation, upon acceptance of order

2. Payment

Payment of Goods and Storage Charges may be made only in your name by debit or credit card, cheque or by bank transfer to the account number specified on your invoice.

3. Title and risk

We shall retain title to all goods (other than goods in your direct physical possession following delivery or collection and payment in full for those goods) sold by us until all the sums due from you in respect of any order have been paid. Risk in all goods shall pass to you as soon as we notify you that they are available and earmarked under your order. If goods within our ownership are held by any third party on your behalf you will upon our request instruct that third party to hold the goods to our order.

4. EAD and rules for European and Extra European wine merchants

If you are a wine merchant in EU and you want ex-VAT invoice, please consider Vinifera had to release a document called EAD. For this procedure, Vinifera ask a contribution of € 60.00.
If you are a wine merchant in Extra EU and you want ex-VAT invoice, the same contribution is requested if goods will go towards, or just cross, others EU countries.
No contribution is requested if the wine will depart from Italy and goes directly to an Extra EU country.

5. Delivery & storage (For merchants)

Any indication as to when wines will be available for delivery or collection is an estimate only and is not intended to be contractually binding. We will notify you once wines are available and you must give at least 48 hours' notice before collection. Customers are allowed to ask us to give wines to their trusted courier, in order to receive them directly at home, in Italy or abroad. We shall be entitled to claim a storage and administration charge of € 1,00 per case (excl. VAT) per calendar month (or part thereof) for goods that have not been collected/delivered within three months of being available.

6. Delivery & storage (For private customer)

If your country is listed in the chart below, it means that you can receive your wine at home. Any indication as to when wines will be delivered to your address is an estimate only and is not intended to be contractually binding.
If your delivery address is USA or JAPAN, we would like to inform you that Vinifera does not ship directly or through a courier wine and alcoholic beverage. Anyway you will receive an email from an international trusted courier that will offer to you the shipping to USA or JAPAN at his best price. The courier will take care of you shipping in the best way, including to pick up goods at Vinifera headquarter, packaging, and shipping.

Customers expressly acknowledge and declare that they are only purchasing the wine and not instructing Vinifera to collect and/or arrange the shipment on their behalf.

7. Delivery & Charges

Some country could impose a limit of bottles you can receive.
Please contact us for any doubt.

Vinifera ship through Poste Italiane service for Italy and through their equivalent for most foreign countries.
At the moment we are not able to settle deliveries by appointment or with special requests as for example telephone call or alternative secondary address.
If the courier will not find a recipient at the address that the customer gave to us, the wine will be returned to our office.
The consequence is a costs for the return service, that we will have to charge to the customer.
For this reason, we ask you to provide a delivery address where there is always someone able to welcome the courier and accept the box on your behalf, in the following timetable: from Monday to Friday: 9.00-12.30 / 14.00-18.00
We thank you for your understanding.
8. Acceptance

It is your obligation to inspect goods immediately upon receipt and notify either ourselves or the carrier immediately of any shortage or damage. In the absence of any notification within three days the shortage, damage or any other deficiency will be deemed to have occurred after delivery to you.

9. Default

If any payment is overdue for four weeks or the goods have not been collected within three months of being available, or there is an earlier indication from you that payment will not be made or the goods will not be collected, we shall be entitled to send written notice to the invoice address of our intention to deal with, sell or otherwise dispose of the goods and 10 days thereafter we shall be at liberty to do so. Any method of resale is entirely at our discretion.

10. Force Majeure

We shall not be liable for any failure to meet our obligations occasioned by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

11. Description/Quality

We undertake the proper safekeeping and storage of wines in our possession and will act in good faith when purchasing wine, but we will not be responsible for the state and condition of wines or whether the wine corresponds to the qualities which might be expected from its description. At our complete discretion, we will consider replacing the remainder of any case sold which is undrinkable.
The images shown on our website are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.
All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement; a detail that often is different on a pic is the vintage (year).

12. Orders

The placing and accepting of oral orders shall form a contract on these terms, conditional upon our written confirmation of order which may be by the delivery of an invoice.

13. Law

All contracts are subject to Italian law and jurisdiction. All wines are offered subject to market movement and remaining unsold.