Founded in 2005 in Alba by Paolo Repetto, Vinifera is one of the leading Fine Wine Merchants in Italy with a steadily growing international clientele.

Vinifera’s portfolio focuses on the most sought-after Italian wines, mainly from Piedmont and Tuscany, but we can easily provide every sought after wine, especially from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne.

All its wines are purchased directly from producers, important private collectors and qualified wine professional traders, with certified provenance and excellent storage conditions of the bottles.

Wines are stored in our warehouse with correct temperature, in order to preserve quality and integrity for years.


I was born and raised in Alba, in a region where some of the best wines in the world are produced.

I studied at the Institute for Enology in Alba, one of the most prestigious institutions in Italy that numbers among its alumni many of the most prominent Italian wine producers and this certainly inspired my passion for quality wines.

I have worked in the wine business since 2000, but when I started importing great French wines into Italy in 2007, through négociants from Bordeaux, my perspective of the wine trade changed completely.

Their method was unlike anything I had ever seen in Italy: all the best vintages of the greatest wines from Bordeaux, the rarest formats, were kept in original wooden case and in perfect condition.

Since then, my mission has been to create a reality similar to that of Bordeaux with its famous négociants, in order to provide professional wine traders and private collectors with access to the most famous Italian wines, best vintages, in pristine conditions.

I have always believed that Italian wines deserve recognition and should be made more easily available on the world market for wine enthusiasts and investors.

Starting in 2010, my project began to take shape. Purchasing directly from the producers and sourcing important private wine collections gave me the opportunity to offer, at competitive prices, some the best vintages of the most famous Italian labels, even in large quantities and original wooden cases, to importers and wine traders from all around the world. Until a few years ago this process was quite complicated.

In a few years, joining my skills, honesty, professional attitude and openness, and thanks to everyone who took a change on my work and shared my vision, Vinifera became a reference point for fine wine professional traders.


  • specialist in great wines, in the best vintages
  • only bottles and cases kept in pristine conditions
  • honest prices
  • simplicity in the transmission of information
  • maximum satisfaction in the shopping experience
  • pre sales and after sales complete customer assistance

I would like to share the passion and love for great wines, in particular Italian wines, with all my clients, whether they are great collectors or simple enthusiasts.

The attention of the world for the main Italian labels is growing, as is their quality.

I hope you’ll find in Vinifera your reliable partner to built your collection of Fine Wines.