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Récoltant-Manipulant in Avize, Anselme Selosse is the producer who had propose a new method for Champagne production and who had led other producers to follow his ideas.

Anselme assumes the control of the family company in 1980 and in few years he transforms it in one of the most praised firm of the region.

His style can be summarised in an organic approach, fermentations is Bourgogne's barriques, long-lasting permanence on skins and Mersault battonage (weekly in winter and monthly in summer).

Wines conduct naturally a light malolactic fermentation. Thanks to the use of fertilizers potassium minerals-free the natural acidity of the wine isn't neutralized. There is no filtration.

Anselme Selosse's aim is not to standardize taste but to tell the story of his vineyards with respect for wine's vocation and terroir. Becouse of this he doesn't use selectionated yeasts in fermentation and he prefers pure grape's fructose for the dosage.

Those two distinctive tracts, typical of Jacques Selosse and few other producers' Champagne, guarantee a taste that exalt the characteristics of single vineyards.

The company owns about 7 hectars, mainly Chardonnay Grand Cru in Avize, Cramand and Oger and two Pinot Noir's vineyards: one in Aÿ and one in Ambonnay. The global production per year is approximately 45.000 bottles.

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