Investment in fine wines is not a new trend, great wines existed for centuries, and have always been actively searched for by enthusiasts all over the world. Until the 1970s, investments in wine were a prerogative of European nobility, which had money and space for storing bottles, this last detail was very important for bring wines to full maturity.

The correlation between traditional financial markets and the world of fine wine is in any case relatively marginal. Over the past 30 years the market has shown an evident stability compared to other traditional investment markets. The reason for this is easy to explain: wine is a tangible good, it is a luxury product that many would like to possess and consume.

Up to a short while ago only Bordeaux wines and some Burgundy labels could be considered as investment wines, today even Italian wines play an important role in this sector, with considerable growth margins in a medium-long perspective term. Enthusiasm and passion, however, are not enough to consider themselves capable of operating on the market of fine wines, both fascinating and complex. Like any form of investment, this too requires competence and professionalism.

What about characteristics that a wine must possess in order to be considered an Investment wine?

Potential for improvement: the wine should be able to last minimum 50-60 years in the bottle, and it should constantly improve in quality in its first decades of life.

History: often it’s a wine produced since long time, centuries, and it should have a solid reputation on the international market.

Market Research: The market include this wine between the most sought after wines of the region, requested by professionist and customers both.

Review & Critics: the wine should achieve constant and high quotations over the years by international critics.

Time: Those who decide to invest in fine wines should consider a minimum time horizon of five years, with the maximum returns expected in  eight/ten years.

Revaluation: In the light of the fact that a limited number of fine wine’s bottles are produced in the area, and considering most of them are shortly consumed, what increase in the value of the bottles is that offer decreases day by day, while the demand remain stable. Traditionally wines increase their value in an average of  5-15% per year, but these increases are not necessarily uniform. Some wines reach this percentage within a few months over the past few years, but this should not be taken as law. Behavior of the investor has a strong importance: a good purchase price, in particular for wines in original cases and of certain provenance, allows to obtain the best performances.

Provenance: The great keys to success. Buying at the best price and in the quantities you want, allows you to get the best margin when selling bottles after a few years.

Vinifera purchases exclusively from certified suppliers: producers, collectors, traders. We offer to our customers only wines that have been stored in optimal conditions, because we are focused on their quality and integrity. We  are also very careful to check the originality of the bottles. Unfortunately, various falsified bottles are sold. To be honest, Italian wines did not suffer any substantial negative effect until now, but over time the risk will become increasingly high. If  we do not have the absolute certainty of the originality of the bottles, we prefer not to buy. Vinifera offers the possibility to its customers - both private and professional - to purchase some of the most sought after fine wines with good balance between cost and quality, in order to allow adequate profitability over time.

  • Evaluation of your cellar
  • Investment strategy advise
  • First wine cellar setup
  • Newsletter with exclusive offers
  • Assistance in disinvestment
  • Learn how recognize fine wines AND best vintages
  • Deal only with reputable dealers
  • Buy at an affordable price, close to the “en primeur” release price or the manufacturer's list price
  • Search offers of wines in original case, 12 or 6 in almost all cases, as a guarantee of condition and origin
  • Proper Storage Is Critical: Store your wines in ideal conditions, in a dark cellar with proper ventilation, with humidity between 70 and 80% and temperature as constant as possible around 15 ° C
  • Give yourself a minimum time frame of five years, but be ready to sell immediately if you receive a good offer
  • Make sure you can liquidate your investment on time and in the right way
  • Invest at least 10,000 -15,000 euros to guarantee a satisfactory income
  • Don't buy only wines from famous producers, but keep an eye on the trend of all labels
  • Listen to your trusted provider’s advice
  • Make sure you know the origin and state of preservation of any wine that is purchased over 20 years old