Frederic Savart

France Champagne Ecueil

If there’s one grower whose popularity has exploded over the last year, it’s FrédéricSavart.

This domain belonging to Frédéric Savart stretches across four hectares in the sector of Ecueil, premier cru of the Montagne de Reims.

Producing about 3,000 cases annually, it’s obvious that Savart’s goal is to make high-quality wine. He just happens to be in Champagne. That’s why some of his wines see malolactic fermentation and others don’t. Some see large oak barrels, some see small oak barrels, and others don’t see any oak at all. 
Dosage varies. It’s also why his vin clair was mind-blowingly delicious.

His philosophy is simple : « The best wines are made with the best grapes ». He therefore works in the vineyard and in the cellar with absolute respect for the terroir and the grapes. 

His champagnes of great quality offer a true expression of nature. 

As you can imagine, the approach is pretty much hands off in the cellar – fermentation takes place in barrels of different sizes and shapes (although he is also experimenting with concrete eggs) apart from L’Ouverture which is fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. Malo lactic is partially blocked for most of the cuvees as Fred likes his champagnes to be sharp and precise. 

L’Ouverture (100% Pinot Noir) is fresh, vibrant and forward; L’Accomplie (70% Pinot noir, 30% Chardonnay) is a lot more serious with great minerality; Millesime 2008 (55%, 45% Chardonnay) is still a baby, with plenty of tension and energy and Calliope 2006 (60% chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir) is the most accomplished, powerful and ripe.

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