Tua Rita

Italy Tuscany Suvereto

In 1984, when Rita Tua and Virgilio Bisti bought the propriety, they didn’t expected that it become a wine company that receive praise and accolades from wine enthusiasts worldwide.

Tua Rita is located in Suvereto, a small medieval town on the coast south of Bolgheri. The winery lies at just 100 m above sea level, on clayey, silty soil; it is located in the Alto Maremma, in the area called “metalliferous hills”: this explain why the aroma is distinguished by iron-like nuances and an intensely savoury progression in the mouth along with a distinctive saline character.

Rita Tua and Virgilio Bisti tended the original two hectares of vineyard with scrupulous care, and today their daughter and his husband continue the excellent job in the vineyard, that is in the meantime growed up  : 32 hectares and 200.000 bottles/year. This beautiful vineyard consists of Cabernet Sauvignon e Merlot; planting densities vary from 5,000 to 9,000 vines per hectare.

Vine protection methods are those adopted for organic grape farming but the underlying objective is to assist the plants to defend themselves by ensuring the health of soil and environment and abandoning plant protection products.

Selected grapes hand harvested, then in the cellar a conveyor belt make another selection; then Stem/Stalk is detached from the grape. Big wood conical tanks are used for the fermentation (25-30 days), with stable temperature. At the end the wine, because of the gravity, is poured in barriques downstairs, here the malolactic fermentation take place. After that, the wine need 18 months to be mature.

Tua Rita’s Redigaffi is made from Merlot and it’s the main wine of the company; the note 100/100, given by Wine Advocate, is associated to the 1997 vintage; Critic Robert M. Parker Jr. said the 1999 Redigaffi was “as close to perfection as a wine can get.”

Stefano Frascolla recently judge the 2013 Redigaffi “the most balanced vintage ever made at Tua Rita”

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Tua Rita Toscana Igt 2007 Giusto di Notri

Tua Rita

Italy Tuscany Val di Cornia

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