Cascina Fontana

Italy Piedmont Monforte d'Alba

Cascina Fontana is a small jewel in the center of Barolo. The company was founded in 1995 by Mario Fontana - of a storical family of wine producers - and by his wine Luisa.

Located in Perno, near Monforte d'Alba, the estate is made up by 4 hectars in different areas. Being so close to the mountains make Langhe region often at risk of hail, wich can destroies in few minutes or seconds all the vineyards.

Cascina Fontana cultivates some vineyards in Villero and Valletti cru, in Castiglione Falletto. Here prevail Nebbiolo grapes used for Barolo making. Pozzo's vineyard is cultivated both with Nebbiolo (used for the production of Langhe Nebbiolo) and with Barebera. Gallinotto vineyard is in La Morra, near Barolo; here are mostly planted nebbiolo grapes (for Barolo production) while a small part is reserved for dolcetto. Castello vineyard in Sinio is divided in different areas: the lowest, where rows are more protected, is planted with nebbiolo while, moving towards the top of the hill, the grape varieties are barbera and dolcetto.

Mario Fontana's approach to wine making traditional: he produces one single Barolousing grapes from all the vineyards. 

Grapes from each plot of lands are fermented separately and then the juices are mixed toghether and bottled with the aim to create a perfect equilibrium.

For the aging Mario Fontana uses a big barrel in Slavonia's durmast. Then the wine waits almost one year in a steel tank before the bottling.

"My anchestors cultivated the land where i live before me and, thanks to their support, today I'm able to prouce those wines. I'm a traditional wine producer. My aim is to tell something about my land through my wines in the most direct and pure way. I try to achieve my purpose paying care to vineyards that are the means with which I'm capable to reach this expression" - Mario Fontana

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Cascina Fontana Langhe Nebbiolo Doc 2018

Cascina Fontana

Italy Piedmont Langhe

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