Principiano Ferdinando

Italy Piedmont Monforte d'Alba

The Principiano estate is situated in Monforte d'Alba and was founded by Ferdinando's father, Americo, in the 1950's. 

Ferdinando took charge of the estate in 1993  following an apprenticeship at both Giacomo Conterno & Roberto Voerzio.

Initially seduced by the '90s fashion for making supped-up wines that 'guaranteed' 100 point scores in American magazines, Ferdinando changed direction in 2003 when he found that these same wines proved undrinkable, falling over with age.

Since 2004 has farmed biodynamically, using no chemicals in the vineyards or sulphur in the cellar. 

There are 10 hectares in all, producing 35,000 bottles annually. Yields are low and quality control ruthless. 'Serralunga' is Ferdinando's classic Barolo and comes from a 4-hectare plot of young Nebbiolo vines planted in the Boscareto Valley in Serralunga d'Alba. 

Fermented without the addition of sulphur, the wine is then aged in oak barrels for 2 years before release. 

The resulting wine is fresh and juicy. Very approachable, but more importantly, makes for a superb food wine.

Boscareto, Le Coste, Pian Romualdo & Santa Anna are the key vineyards that make up the 10 hectare family estate, producing approx 35,000 bottles per annum of Dolcetto, Barbera & Nebbiolo wines. 

And since 2006 he has started producing approx. 150 cases/annum of Barolo from 0.5 hectare of Monforte's prized Ravera vineyard.

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