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Each wine region has its bright star, a company that symbolizes the prestige and the potential of an entire region. For the Franciacorta region, this company is undoubtedly Cà del Bosco, that is to say Biondi Santi in Montalcino or Giacomo Conterno in Barolo.

The founder of the most famous winery of Franciacorta, Maurizio Zanella, created Cà del Bosco with passion and attention to details and has managed to create great wines that have rightly and solidly been placed for a long time in the élite of world wine production.

One of the main objectives of Cà del Bosco is certainly quality, a goal that the company achieved through continuous research and experimentation.

The choice of Maurizio Zanella to produce quality wines started in the early 70s, after he came back from a trip to France, absolutely amazed at the quality of French wines and really disappointed by the Italian wines. It was during this time that he decided that his job would have been to make great wines from his land of origin. A decision that surely took courage and that made look Zanella as a visionary to his colleagues. Time has shown that Maurizio Zanella was right and in a few years his wines, particularly the Franciacorta, have proved their greatness.

The Cuvée Annamaria Clementi, flagship of Cà del Bosco, is considered one of the best Italian wines, often outclassing even the best Champagne in occasion of many wine contests. Cuvée Annamaria Clementi is not the only sparkling wine by Cà del Bosco to “dare” so much. A recent survey organized by a famous German magazine, conducted on sparkling wines from around the world and whose work was guaranteed by seven professional wine tasters, awarded Ca 'del Bosco Franciacorta Dosage Zero with the first place, leaving behind many top players, including thirteen Champagne and three Franciacorta.

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