Il Marroneto

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ll Marroneto was purchased in 1974 by Giuseppe Mori, father of the current owner of the company Alessandro Mori. When the lawyer Mori planted the first patch of vineyard , the two brothers Andrea e Alessandro immediately showed a great interest in it. The Mori family thus began to make wine in the first two small rooms of Il Marroneto, then the only ones available, and began to become passionate more and more to the matter and to the great work that this entailed. After these small steps Il Marroneto began to evolve; the cellar was enlarged and while the father and son Andrea decided to continue their career as lawyers, Alessandro, after traveling the same road, too, he was not able to leave that world that now had captured his whole being and decided to continue to bring to life Il Marroneto and its Brunello, making of this passion his own philosophy of life. Today, It’s him in person, who makes the wine, and does so with great love, care and passion; from picking to bottling he follows it day after day as if it was his child, and this can be understood in a moment, by watching him slowly tasting his Brunello or hearing him talking about it. The passion and enthusiasm derived from all this are extraordinary.

The vineyards of Il Marroneto extend on the north slope of the hill, about 350m high, in the immediate vicinity of the walls of Montalcino. The first 3000 meters of vineyard were planted in 1975, then, as many in 1979 and finally in 1984, the last 9,000. Great attention has been paid to the system, finalizing any work at obtaining the highest quality grapes. For this reason the vines of Il Marroneto are arranged so that each plant has available 3.6 square meters, allowing the vine Sangiovese, which feeds on the surface, to have space for a good rooting. The management of the vineyard, then, is based on a traditional and minimalist philosophy that borrows practices and systems used in respect of the plants, treating the vines the bare minimum and avoiding intensive production. From here the practice of natural grassing, that allows to control the vigor of the vines, with longer times of pollination and pruning in March, leaving the plants the time needed to rest.

Today, Il Marroneto, after more than 30 years is regarded as one of the ten historic companies in Montalcino (Siena), among the most famous, important and well known in and outside our territory.

All this has been possible thanks to the long-term commitment and passion that Mori has always devoted to his work.

Il Marroneto the Brunello is a traditional wine, aged in large oak barrels from Allier and Slovenia, vinified according to the traditional systems of Montalcino; the result is a very elegant wine, rich in aromas, classic, suitable for meditation. A wine that arouses strong emotions, like the great love and care with which it was created.

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