Léclapart David

France Champagne Trépail, Francia

David Léclapart is a small producer of Champagne.
He manages his vines with humilty and he follows a biodynamic approach. His estate is in Trépail, a village south of the Montagne de Reims, between Châlon and Reims. David is a generous, simple and sensitive winemaker who has developed a passion for vineyards coltivation even before than for wones. He creates higly expressive cuvée in perfect harmony with nature.

In David's opinion, organical and biodynamic approaches offer different possibilities in vineyards management. It means to consider various elements and to create a biodiversity in farming.

After a short-term experience at Leclerc-Briant, in 1996 David come back at family's business because of his father's death. 
In 1998 he deiced to start following biodymanic methods of production. Two years later, in 2000, he obtained Ecocert certification and in 2001 Demeter certification.

The early years were very challenging, but David managed the situation with talent and strength of character to create a pure and nuanced style for his champagne. He produces vital wines inspired by principles of pureness, energy, pleasure and ecology.

Léclapart estate covers almost 3 hectars -2,97- divided in 22 parcels in the village of Trépail Premier Cru with 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir. Traditionally Trépail's vineyards were Pinot Noir but Chardonnay was planted in some spots in'50s. The terrois of Trépail offers soils made by a mix of clay and limestone. rich in stones and full of water thans to the nearby source. Moreover the terroir is cold enough to offer a slow ripeness and a higher acidity (essencial for a great aging potential).

David manages the estate alone with only an apprentice - dedicated and passionate like him. In his opinion "biodynamic approach is a common sense", a fundamental need to respect life's energy, starting from the vines untill bottling. Thanks to creative forces hidden in biodynamic, nature can exprexx itself in wines.

In his winery David avoids as much as possible any interventions during wine making process. His work in winery reflects his convintions related to a biodynamic wine production. He also avoids enological techniques or other thecniques that could modify wine's soul and uses old oak cask. Malolactic fermentation is naturally induced, without filtration or cold stabilization.

David produces only single vintages not declared - it means that he doesn't use 'Riserva' wines. Through his wines is possible understand the influence of time and the condition of each specific vintage. His Champagnes are higly individual; pure and elegant with a great complexity thanks to Trépail's terroir.

From 2001 to 2009, starting from Pinot Noir, David created a macerated Rosé de Saignée called L'Alchimiste and a Coteaux Ruge. Since 2010, he has chosen to move to a Blanc de Noirs creating L'Astre. Unlike the Blanc de Blancs, all the cuvées of Pinot are made in 100% oak barrels.

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Léclapart David Champagne Aoc NV L'Apotre BdeB Non Dose Premier Cru (deg 2013)

Léclapart David

France Champagne Montagne de Reims

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